[Telenics - OEM(중국)]GL 532 3 5  그린레이저 모듈

GL 532 3 5 그린레이저 모듈

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Smart EQ 포터블 GoTo 적도의

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SmartEQ Portable GOTO GEM

# 3100


Born out of the popular iOptron CubeTM and iEQTM mounts, the SmartEQTM mount is the ultimate Grab N’ Go German equatorial GOTO mount fitting into almost everyone’s budget. It is ideal for visual observation and wide field astrophotography. The compact design and light weight make travelling with the mount easy.

SmartEQTM is a fully computerized mount with a database of 59,000 objects. It offers the next generation GOTO technology from iOptron. The Go2NovaTM Hand Controller is intuitive with a large LCD screen, with which you can easily set up your telescope and select where you want to navigate.

SmartEQTM is universally compatible with any tubes using a Vixen-style dovetail connection, making it useful for beginners as well as hobbyists with multiple tubes.

SmartEQ Portable GOTO GEM

# 3100

Specialized Grab N’ Go mount ideal for visual observer and wide field astro-photographer
Portable, compact, and sturdy German equatorial mount that is easy to travel with
Payload: 11 lb (5 kg) (excluding counterweight)
Mount weight: 6.2 lb (2.8 kg)
Dual-axis servomotor with optical encoder
Drive motor with 9-speed setting for precise tracking
Resolution: 0.5 arc second
Go2NovaTM 8408 controller with Advanced GOTONOVA® GoTo Technology
Over 59,000 celestial objects for easy surfing
Low power consumption (8 AA batteries for 16 hours consecutive tracking)
Vixen-type dovetail saddle
2 lb. counterweight included
3/8" threads to fit on camera mount
Standard 1.25 inch heavy-duty stainless steel tripod

SmartEQ Portable GOTO GEM

# 3100

Mount : German Equatorial Mount

Payload : 11 lb (5 kg), excluding counterweight

Mount Weight : 6.2 lb (2.8 kg)

Latitude Adjustment Range : 0º ~ 62º

Azimuth Adjustment Range : ± 10º

Right Ascension Worm : Ø60mm, 120 teeth

Declination Worm : Ø60mm, 120 teeth

Motor Drive : DC servo with optical encoder

Resolution : 0.5 arc seconds

Hand Controller : Go2NovaTM 8408 with 59,000 objects database

Tracking : Automatic

Speed : 1×,2×,8×,16×,64×,128×,256×,512×,MAX(~4º/sec)

Counterweight Bar : Ø16mm

Counterweight : 2 lb (0.9 kg) for up to 8 lb (3.6 kg)payload

Dovetail : Vixen-style

Tripod : 1.25” Stainless Steel (5.7 lb or 2.6 kg)

Polar Scope : Optional

Power Consumption : 0.1A(Tracking), 0.3A(GOTO)

Power Requirement : DC 9~12 V, 1 Amp

Battery : 8 AA alkaline batteries (for 16 hours of tracking)

Serial port : Yes (on hand controller)

Firmware Upgrade : Yes

Warranty : One Year

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